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My name is Jonathan Ferguson and I am based in Calgary, Canada. My love for photography began during childhood where from a young age I would carry a camera wherever I went. As a teenager, I upgraded to my Mother’s old Pentax and began to develop my own images. Travelling was always a huge influence throughout my life and has since become a wonderful addiction. Having now traveled in over 75 countries, I am able to share my passion through visual story telling. My images have been published and shown in exhibitions around the world.

Von der Rusch Photography is about capturing a moment in time and allowing others to interpret and build a new memory for the image. I strive for stunning, timeless images that evoke beauty and emotion. With Von der Rusch, I have created a fun, professional and personal photography company aiming to inspire myself as well as my clients. In addition to Travel Photography, I focus on Events, Real Estate, Food and Portraits.

The Name:

A few years ago, while in search of my Grandfather’s old mill and property in Lithuania, my Mother told me a story about her family history, where everything was left behind for freedom in Canada during the war. The story went back further to her ancestors from Alsace-Lorraine who had the name Von der Rusch. I really connected with this and what it represented. I loved the name, not only because of the attachment to family, but it also reminded me of the adrenaline rush I feel whenever I pick up my camera and discover a new adventure through my lens.

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Jonathan Ferguson,

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